Agile Project and Service Management

Agile Project and Service Management Delivering IT Services using PRINCE2®, ITIL® and DSDM® Atern®

This new edition of Agile Project and Service Management shows how to integrate three of the top best practice approaches for delivering business change and managing IT services integrate effectively to add value to organizations. Based on the updated DSDM Agile Project Framework®, the PRINCE2® project management method and ITIL®, the best practice approach for IT Service Management, this publication shows how to combine these three approaches effectively, and get the best out of the guidance.

This title supersedes Agile Project and Service Management published July 2010, ISBN 9780113310975

Key features:

  • The publication has been updated with the newest DSDM guidelines
  • Contains a valuable roadmap for using the PRINCE2, ITIL, and DSDM in a project
  • Real life case studies from companies who have integrated all, or some, of the frameworks
  • Practical guidance, as well as theoretical content
  • Checklists and lessons learned which can be transposed directly to the real environment
  • Describes the issues that arise from implementing each framework, how they fit together, and their specific benefits
  • Aligns with ITIL 2011, the latest guidance
  • The publication has been extensively reviewed by key experts in project management, ITSM, and agile fields
  • Uses a fictional company to examine, in detail, the practical considerations, benefits, and difficulties in implementing the frameworks
  • Updated figures and tables throughout
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Agile Project and Service Management

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