PRINCE2 Suggested Role Description-Team Manager

What is this?

There are a number of reasons for requiring The Team Managers on a project:

  • Size of project – the project is of a size that the Project Manager cannot instruct the whole project team
  • Geography – some of the project team are at a different / distance location, or even work for a different organization form the customer (a separate supplier)
  • Technical Specialism – an element of work on the project that the Project Manager does not have experience / expertise in (again could be a separate supplier)

Team Managers have responsibility to instruct the team members on their team to ensure the production of  products allocated in a Work Package defined by the Project Manager to an appropriate quality, in a set time-scale and at a cost acceptable to the Project Board.  The Team Manager role reports to, and takes direction from, the Project Manager.

Why it’s useful? 

This is a PREMIUM Role Description as defined by the PRINCE2 Project Management methodology. Whilst you can find this role description in Appendix C of an official PRINCE2 manual, of course you may not have purchased a manual, or prefer to have an electronic version of it

How to use it?

This is a ‘vanilla’ role description that accompanies the PRINCE2 methodology. Whilst you can use it in its vanilla format we recommend that you tailor it (as suggested by the method itself) to incorporate the following:

  • Any relevant industry specific terminology
  • Organizational terminology & competencies
  • Align with Organizational role grades

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PRINCE2 Suggested Role Description-Team Manager

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