PRNCE2 Highlight Report

What is this?

A Highlight Report is a time-driven progress report that is used to provide the Project Board (and possibly other stakeholders) with a summary of the stage status at intervals defined by them.  Time driven simply means that it is produced at a pre-detrmined frequency (which will have been detailed in the PID).

The Project Board uses Hhglight Reports to monitor stage and project progress. The Project Manager also uses it to advise the Project Board of any potential problems or areas where the Project Board could help.

Why it’s useful?

This is a PREMIUM template as defined by the PRINCE2 Project Management methodology.

Whilst you can find this template in Appendix A of an official PRINCE2 manual, of course you may not have purchased a manual, or you may just prefer to have an electronic version of it.

How to use it?

This is a ‘vanilla’ template that accompanies the PRINCE2 methodology and is used as the basis for PRINCE2 exams.

Whilst you can use it in its vanilla format we recommend that you think about tailoring it (as suggested by the method itself) bearing in mind the following:

  • Industry / organizational specific terminology
  • Size / complexity of project
  • If the project is part of a programme
  • Any existing templates in your organization

It is produced by thw Project Manager in the Controlling a Stage process.  The Project Board review it as part of giving ‘Ad Hoc Direction’ in the Directing a Project Process.

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PRNCE2 Highlight Report

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